Thursday, March 4, 2010


I am generally not a fan of the color blue (for clothing or walls).  However, blue skies and the amazing blue of glaciated lakes are an exception.  Here is a photo of the amazing blue of Lake Louise in Banff National Park in Canada.  I have never seen it in person, but hopefully that will change soon!  (The chip is from Benjamin Moore and the small square is from using the color sampler tool in Photoshop).

The following is taken courtesy of which helps to describe why the color of 
glaciated lakes is this unique milky blue color.

"A brilliant greenish blue"

"Moving glaciers grind together the rocks frozen within them, pulverizing them into powdery rock flour, which is generally very pale gray, almost white. The warmth of the long summer afternoons of the most recent ice age sent great freshets of glacial meltwater, milky white with suspended rock flour, into Glacial Lake Missoula. Rock flour settled through the murky water and deposited as a layer of pale sediment on the floor of the lake. Those pale summer layers varied in thickness from a fraction of an inch to as much as two inches or even more."

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