Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Winter White

One year I had a client who asked me to "...just paint her walls white". Hmmmm. I showed her one brochure I had which had 3 pages of samples of "white". She looked stumped. I ended up choosing a white for her that had some warmth to it based on the colors of her furniture and decor but it was the first time I had understood the complexity of the problem of "white". 

Below is a quick search for "white" on the Sherwin Williams site.  I got 9 pages of results.
I realize for many people the subtlety of all the varying shades of "white" is so nit-picky and subtle that just picking any will suffice. But I do think it is important to choose a white that works well with your interior space.  If you have a lot of cool tones and metal in your home, then a cooler white will be best. If you have warmer tones, then a warmer white (Dover White by SW or Linen White by Benjamin Moore for example) will work well.  

(above: Benjamin Moore White Dove)

Below are some links to sites that might help with your "white" paint dilemmas.

In terms of fashion, you do read about "winter white" in terms of clothing - "summer whites" being clearly different than "winter whites". These examples about have a yellowish, warm hue which is definitely different than a cooler, bluer summer white (see below).

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