Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cardinal Red

This is a flat-bed scan of a male cardinal that met its demise on the side of the road.  My husband found the bird, took it to his office and scanned it.  The colors of this beautiful bird are amazing and ethereal. Would you choose a palette based on these colors?
Below are the actual colors from the bird that I extracted from the photograph using Photoshop's eyedropper tool.

And below are some colors from Benjamin Moore that are similar to the bird's colors.

Ivy League
Vintage Wine

Sweet Rosy Brown

Note that these colors are not what you would think to see on a bright red cardinal but Ivy League is the color of the cardinal's leg and the other's are from the underside of his feathers.

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  1. I'd never before thought of using a scanner like that. Way to break the mold, Keith! And those are beautiful colors, Randi.