Thursday, February 17, 2011

Office color (dark!)

 Here are photos my one of my most recent painting projects - transforming an orange bedroom into a multi-use bedroom/office space. We used a first coat of a softer mid-tone red over the orange, then Benjamin Moore's Ruby Dusk in matte surface (using Aura -a new line - although this particular paint has a slight sheen which is quite nice).

 After (with flash)
After (no flash) - most accurate

Here is a screen grab of the chip and of the room which inspired me - although to be honest, it only looks like the chip in the third photograph where I used a flash. It looks washed out here on my screen (on a Mac with a nice Cinema Display monitor).

I am very much enjoying the value of the color - it feels cozy, warm, enveloping.  I am looking forward to creating a display of my black/white photography on at least one wall.  That will probably be a summer project when I am not working and teaching - let me know what you think !

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